Our Time Has Value



Every creative has struggled with the problem of being underpaid or not being paid at all at some point, myself included.

As of right now, I am quite lucky to say that I get to work with clients on a consistent basis and I don’t struggle with this problem as much as I used to, but I know that there are many creative people out there that are dealing with their work being undervalued.
It has happened to me many times to be asked to “design a quick logo” or “simply write this phrase” and then these people getting angry or surprised when I got back to them with some prices for those things. “Oh, well I wasn’t expecting to have to pay for that… it must just take you five minutes to write that word” or similar replies.

This problem comes from people not understanding or not knowing how much time artists or designers spend learning their craft, just like any other professionals would do. The average time that it takes to master a skill is 10.000, is it worth it just giving that away for free?


#ourtimehasvalue x @jamesllewis