Greg Petersen Branding


Greg Petersen is a wedding photographer based in northern California.



The client had been working for the past two years under the name of Trulight Photography, which started as a team but it eventually became a one man business. So he made the choice to personalise his business and he gave me the task to design his new logo.




The goal for this project was to create a simple but strong logo design that would capture the moody, romantic and outdoorsy style of Greg’s photography. What makes his work stand out is his love for shooting photos in epic and remote locations in the open air letting the natural daylight be a key part of the photos. These aspects couldn’t have been left out of the design, so it was clear that illustration had to play a big part.

Upon the start of the project I started drawing numerous sketches, exploring various different typographic styles trying to find what would fit all the requirements best.




After trying out script lettering and bold serif capital letters to design the name, I felt I wasn’t heading in the right direction. Then I figured out that the best solution would be to focus primarily on the illustrative part and I aimed to make it as strong as it could possibly be.



I adopted a rather minimalistic approach and illustrated some pine trees as well as three mountain tops to represent the natural locations from Greg’s photos and I also included some simple light sparks coming from behind, which symbolise natural lighting.



Rather than simply writing “Wedding Photography” underneath the logo I wanted to create something more special and unique, so after spending a lot of time thinking about it I incorporated a border around the circular illustration. But not just any border, with the help of slanted lines, I made it resemble a camera shutter and on top of that it does also recall a wedding ring: killed two birds with one stone.






At this point I noticed that there was already a lot going on in the logo and I came to the conclusion that adding crazy lettering to it for the name would be a bit over the top. That’s why in the end we just went for simple sans serif typography.



As a final step we decided to separate the pine and mountain elements of the logo and create a few logo variations to be used in different occasions, for example in different sections of his website.





I am truly grateful I chose Mark for my re-brand and he really showed how passionate he is about design. The whole process has been amazing and effortless. He delivered exactly what I wanted as well as accommodating all of my tedious requests in such a timely manner. It was so great to work with someone that is so creative and like-minded. I will definitely use Mark for all of my future design needs!

Mark you rock!